Traveller flavors

In the gastronomic is played two bands and so together with classic fish frying or traditional dishes there are also newer proposals with nods to Peruvian cuisine, now fashionable, or other gastronomic cultures.

Tuna, another of the stars of the area, has a prominent place on the menu: tuna tartare in seaweed sauce, tuna tataki with soy mayonnaise, ventresca couscous, grilled tuna tarantelo, grilled belly, sashimi... There are many possibilities of this delicacy that manages to transfer totally different flavors and textures depending on the part that is consumed.

Among the meats stands out, in addition to the retint meat typical of the area of La Janda, the wagyú beef, an extremely tender and juicy meat. And desserts are, never better said, the icing on the cake, because different specialties are served from the best workmen of Vejer de la Frontera.
Be sure to enjoy Vejer and its gastronomy through the traveling flavors of Garimba Sur.